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August 3, 2022

Around the web , there are plenty of resources to get started with or learn from them. In this article i would love to note down the ones i found to be useful. If I tend to miss some , do let me know in Comments below 🙌

  1. Google
    By google i mean Google developers site where you have everything to learn as a complete beginner.

  2. MDN Web Docs are one of the huge library of documentation where you can learn web dev by Mozilla and google.

  3. Free code Camp
    Well we are taking about quality content then how we can forget
    about this non – profit organisation that helps students and
    people to learn to code with over 3000+ hours of content.


  4. Code Academy contains both text and video resources to learn web
    development and programming for free in a easy way. It has plenty
    of resources to get started with.


  5. Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is a useful website to learn web development and
    more programming concepts. Everything for free.


  6. Coursera is a fantastic site which have free video content to
    learn web development and more.


  7. Scrimba
    Scrimba allows you to study where you want, when you want. We
    also substitute the classroom teaching experience with
    interactive screencast, live events, and peer-to-peer help
    between students.


Well all the courses and path are not free but you can apply for
scrimba scholorship which will give you access to their content
for 6 months.

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  1. CodeDamn
    You may or may not have heard of it , but it’s a great platform
    where you can learn full stack web development. Most of the
    courses are free and going with that you can gain a lot of
    knowledge. Some advance or new topics are paid but they are super
    affordable for one .


I hope you found this article helpful , if so let me know in comment section. Also if you have some more listing let us know .

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