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August 10, 2022

This weeks blog prompt is collaboration. Prior to my time in the Develop Carolina apprenticeship I really had no idea how important teamwork and collaboration is in software development. Getting a glimpse of how actual software and actual teams go from idea to product was absolutely mind blowing and it involves 100% collaboration from several teams.

From my perspective, I think the key to successful collaboration is having a safe open environment. Everyone should feel comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts. This leads to trust and you can’t have collaboration without trust. That’s how I plan to approach working with my partner Shaun 🤜🤛 (virtual fist bump Shaun) on our Umbrella Project. Up until this point through the ideation and planning steps I developed this idea solo. That only provided me with only one perspective and a single set of ideas. Having someone to collaborate with provides new perspectives and of course double the ideas! I think communication and further getting to know one another will be the key to a successful umbrella project. Learning each others strengths and weaknesses and utilizing that will allow us to be more productive and successful. I think this really applies to the project as well as in our host company teams.

I’m not a writer and sometimes I find it hard to put thoughts into words! So I hope this makes sense. 😆

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