Svelte (Superstar ⭐️) – Day 1/100 of Coding

August 16, 2022

Gone are my baby dev days of hackathons and excitement over what I believed would be the next Facebook/Microsoft breakthrough. Working a 9-5 job as a developer is about as amazing any mostly indoor existence could be, but I miss coding for fun more than anything. I want to end the next 100 days (+/- 5 depending on procrastination) as a better, more involved developer.

Enter….100 Days of Code.

I’ve had this idea in my head recently of a friend manager. So many of my friends have quit social media (including me), and it’d be nice to have a way of remembering different connections I’ve made over the years.

Dev Log:

  • Setup new svelte project
  • Completed most of the tutorials
  • Created a feature list
  • Used local storage to save friends locally + with Svelte Stores
  • Created new friend form
  • Created friends list component
  • Created ToggleContainer (higher order) to hide components when not needed

Image description

Stopping place: I am struggling with whether to create 2 separate creation/editing components. Using an id in the store to track who I’m editing makes sense, but I have two options:

  • Pass in the “friend” properties as props to the CreateEdit component
  • Use the “editFriendID” from the store to get the properties and pre-load the form with the right options.

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