Pros and Cons of Working in the IT Field

August 20, 2022

✨ Advantages ✨

  • A specialty with world-class celebrities 🤩 (Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg… all of them belong to the IT Field)
  • One of the highest-paying industries in the world compared to others
  • You can work freelance in addition to your regular job if you need to increase your income 📈
  • IT jobs are the most in-demand jobs in the world’s labor market even if you are a recent graduate! 🎓
  • The operational capacity is very large (especially in the near future, as there are millions of vacancies)
  • The branches of specialization are so many that the horizons are unlimited 🚀
  • Possibility to work with passive income where you can make products and sell them in online stores
  • The field has a lot of art and creativity 🌌

✨ Disadvantages ✨

  • It is difficult to take a vacation except for short periods of time, in order to forget and do not miss things, and this, of course, will affect your social life 🙄
  • Most of the time, you rely on self-learning which, sometimes, puts you under pressure
  • You should always keep abreast of the latest technologies and opportunities so as not to lose your job
  • It is required that you sit daily for long periods in front of the computer, which will certainly affect your health (especially your back and eyes 🌚)
  • If your level is average and you don’t master the basics well, you will be like the majority. So you will find it difficult to work, and you will not benefit from all the advantages mentioned above.

✨ Endnote ✨

If you love IT and want to take a step forward and start a successful career in this field, don’t stop, don’t give up, always stay focused and keep going until the end. ❤️
Jihed Kdiss — Founder of Freud Club

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