Strategically Positioning Yourself in the web 3 Age

August 24, 2022

     It's important to note that the flush companies and individualities in our age and time are those that took advantage of the web2.0 capabilities beforehand enough. Persons like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey of Twitter, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin of Wikipedia. These are the big mogul of our days. 
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Now some of you’re like” what is this joe talking about?”, What’s web2.0, what’s web3.0? Do not worry, I’ll get to that soon. It’s salient that you know all these so you can place yourself in the future. Technology-wise, we’re down a path, and it isn’t difficult to take advantage of it. You, yes you can make millions if you have the right information and can pursue it as your thing


Web 1.0
The internet’s evolution started with Web 1.0. Its purpose is perfectly captured by the term “read-only web,” which Berner-Lee used to describe it. Its sole purpose was to provide information and was constructed using high-cored HTML pages connected by hyperlinks. Interested parties used Internet access to acquire information; no interaction was requested or offered. To a certain extent, the advertisement was prohibited when the user was browsing the web. Web 1.0 gave rise to Yahoo, Netscape, etc.

Web 2.0
Web2.0 simply is a term cooked to separate the post-dotcom bubble World Wide Web with its emphasis on social networking, the content generated by druggies, and pall computing from that which came ahead. That was simple right? Haha just kidding.
Web2.0 describes websites and businesses that stress user-generated content, usability, social commerce, and the dissemination of information to the end user. It is referred to as a read-and-write web since it enabled trade between web service providers and web addicts, as well as among web users themselves. I’m sure numerous exemplifications are coming to your mind, social media platforms like Facebook, web blogs like Google, web operations like drones, etc. The settlers of the utmost of these operations and web runners like Amazon are the richest persons in the world just because they took advantage of web2.0 beforehand.

** Web3.0 **
Web3.0 is a third-generation technology that allows websites and operations to handle data more sophisticatedly using decentralized blockchain technology. Data is connected in web3.0; unlike web2.0 which is read and write, web3.0 is read, write and execute. This makes a much more intelligent internet. Without the input of humans and centralized depositories for data storehouses, in web3.0, the internet can execute operations on its own.
This is fascinating, web3.0 has the implicit to revise the whole world system that is the banking sector, insurance, social media, etc.
I’m sure you’re wondering how is this indeed possible. Well, some core features of Web 3 separate it from its counterparts. Some of its features have now been seen in the digital space, which is why it’s revolutionary. There are;

⦁ Decentralization: This simply means there’s no central authority. No bone or group decides what’s applicable or who gets what. Web 3 is tone-nonsupervisory so you do not need authorization whatsoever unlike in web 2.0 from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc
⦁ Immutability: It’s a feature of Blockchain Technology, which means that everything in web3.0 is permanent and cannot be changed or removed once it has been produced. You probably have conflicting feelings about Web 3 at this point, but this ensures security.
⦁ Blockchain Technology: Web 3 is erected using blockchain technology. This isn’t an article on the blockchain so I will not dwell much on it. It’s a network of Blocks ( a digital structure that stores transactional data) through peer-to-peer Nodes.
These are many amongst numerous Web 3 features. Now how can a nonprofessional like me take advantage of this New age of Endless possibilities? That’s presumably what you’re allowing right about now. Web 3 has brought about so numerous new openings, ranging from NFTs, Cryptocurrency( Crypto Wallets), Decentralised Finance( DEFI), and Decentralised Autonomous associations( DAO).
Now that you have an abecedarian knowledge of Web 3, you’ll understand how some associations like Sapien which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, CyptoTask, and Ethlance another association on the Ethereum blockchain, work. They need no central Authority and are armed with a sophister algorithm that keeps achieving their task. Although Web 3 hasn’t been completely erected some of its tools have been used by the associations over. It has its advantages and disadvantages but it’s believed to be the way to internet freedom.

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