Nest and Next JS configured together for full stack applications.

September 1, 2022

Do you love Typescript ?
Do you love Nest JS ?
Do you love Next JS ?
Do you lover Prisma ?

The problem

Sometimes we need to work with all of this in a full stack application. But we always configure and build our frontend and backend separately. Then we connect the using APIs.

But it’s hard to configure Nest and Next JS together since it takes time.

The solution

What if I told you that I made a boiler plate configured with Typescript, Nest JS, Prisma and Next JS together. We don’t have to start our client and server separately and we don’t have to worry about the build process. It’s only a single command :

yarn start:dev
# or
yarn start
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The process

I faced an issue like this in the last week and I surfed through the GitHub all the way which ended up finding nothing useful. Well I love these frameworks and was trying to configure Nestand Nexttogether reading different articles those I found at some corners of the internet.

The result

Finally I completed the boiler plate and named it TNPN (Typescript, Nest JS, Prisma, Next JS). I found it helpful for many projects where I don’t want to configure everything from scratch.

Here is the GitHub repo link : TNPN

The conclusion

Hope you find this helpful. Don’t forget to leave your comments and contribute to the project if you wish.

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