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September 1, 2022

Most of the candidates – be they freshers, or experienced have this question: why they are not getting calls from good companies? For freshers, it’s difficult to mention their key skillset or get a job interview call due to not having any experience in the industry. A lot of candidates are unaware whether their resumes match the job description or not or how to build a good portfolio quickly using some online resources. Which comes to another question they wander: “Which resume building resources are available online for free that can create a perfect resume without much hassle?”

*Online Resume Builder – Free Tips and Tricks

A recruiter only takes 10-15 seconds to scan a resume and some companies use Automated Tracking System (ATS) machines that help the recruiters to filter some good resumes. So it’s very important to build a good resume or portfolio which can be helpful to get the interview call. Let’s see some useful resources to build a good portfolio where developers can put information, projects, and experiences about themselves:

  1. GeeksforGeeks Online Resume Builder: This is one of the best resume-building resources out there on the internet. GeeksforGeeks is letting every It’s free to use and easy to design within a short span of time. All need to do is to fill up basic information and you’re good to go. You can get varieties of free templates here to build your own portfolio along with a free sample resume that can you get an idea to create a good resume. You can choose your format and click the button to generate your custom-made resume in a few mins.

  2. Novoresume: Novoresume is an online resume builder. You can choose from dozens of different resume templates at NovoResume in order to find the right job. Each one was developed in collaboration with a recruiter, and they can be used in many different industries and career paths.

  3. Zety: Zety is an online resume, cover letter, and cv builder which helps in creating a professional-looking resume and offers 18 templates. It has both free and paid templates.

  4. Resume Genius: Be it free resume templates, or cover letter builder – Resume Genius has it all. It uses ATS-friendly templates, which are parsable by computer software and don’t crash when they’re redirected to the recruiter’s inbox.

  5. GotResumeBuilder: It is a web-based resume builder app that can help you create a professional resume for free and also list some resume tips and tricks to parse the ATS machine.

  6. Overleaf: It provides perfect resume and CV templates mostly helpful for freshers with minimal experience. Many simple and clean templates are available with required key sections that a recruiter looks for in every screening process.

*Tips: *

  • Use the keywords of the job description in your resume to appear in the search result of the recruiter from the company.
  • Use bullet Points in Your Resume.
  • Save Your Resume in PDF format and always send it in PDF format to companies.
  • If possible showcase your Github Profile, any online link for projects, or LinkedIn profile in your resume.
  • Do not use the word ‘I’ in your resume.
  • Depending on the country, you might need to include a photo in your resume. Make sure it is professional, on a plain background, and with no distracting elements on it.
  • Do not fake anything or your resume shouldn’t have any buzzwords which describe that you are great among all the developers, sometimes it makes a negative impact on the recruiter.
  • Only include relevant skills in your resume, be precise and clear.
  • The candidate can also attach the cover letter or write an email to the recruiter of the company.

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