🆕 Just released SurrealDB for Microsoft Windows! 🚀

September 3, 2022

The easiest and preferred way to get going with SurrealDB on Windows is to install and use the SurrealDB command-line tool. Run the following command in your terminal and follow the on-screen instructions.

iwr https://windows.surrealdb.com -useb | iex
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What is SurrealDB?

SurrealDB is a newsql multi-model database, that operates in schemafull or schemaless mode, with tables, inter-document record links (no JOINs), and graphdatabase modelling functionality. You can query it from the backend, or from frontend applications (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Electron, Tauri) with javascript, with in-built permissions and authentication.

Advanced querying & analysis

With full graph 📈 database functionality, SurrealDB enables more advanced querying & analysis. Multi-table, multi-depth document relationships can be retrieved efficiently in the #database without complicated #JOINS, & without any table scans. 🥳

Data constraints

Easily ➕ add field and data constraints directly to your data in SurrealDB. Use schemafull or schemaless data access methods, so that the #database always fits to the needs of your data.

Store and query geographical data

Store and query 📍🗺 geographical GeoJSON data directly in the database. SurrealDB is designed to be flexible to use for all developers. 👌

And much, much more…

More info on SurrealDB can be found below:
Our GitHub repo
My previous DEV.to post

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