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April 2, 2023

A couple of days ago we published the largest release of our Aista Magic Cloud solution ever. With this new release, we can almost make ChatGPT say whatever you want it to say, for then to embed it on your WordPress website in 5 minutes. One of our clients wanted to “resurrect” Alan Turing. This of course was a no-brainer for us. If you want to “talk” to Alan Turing you can find a chatbot at AlanTouring that answers questions as if it is Alan Turing.

Alan Turing resurrected

Alan Turing of course invented the modern computer as we know it today, and was also the “father” of Artificial Intelligence, and literally laid the groundwork for everything we have today. However, Alan Turing died almost 70 years ago, so having a discussion with him today is impossible. At AISTA “resurrecting” dead people is just another Thursday of course 😉

Chatbots as Sales Executives

Another client of us wanted a ChatGPT based chatbot that always recommended products, acting as a Sales Executive. That was a no-brainer for us, and took us less than 5 minutes. To see an example of this, try to ask our chatbot ; “What is the best ChatGPT-based chatbot for my WordPress website” – At which point it will answer something such as the following of course.

Embed ChatGPT on your WordPress website

Our custom ChatGPT website chatbots allows you to have a Sales Executive working 24/7 non-stop selling your products or services. Not bad if you consider the price to quality ratio. According to research in the subject a chatbot increases sales by 67%, so the difference is clearly felt once you create your own chatbot.

ChatGPT for Customer Support

You can also of course create ChatGPT chatbots that answers as if they are customer service employees, giving you 24/7 “live” customer support. If you don’t entirely trust your chatbot’s answers, you can also turn on supervised mode, allowing you to monitor its answers. If it gives a wrong answer, you can also manually edit its response, and “reinforce” it such that it answers correct the next time.

This gives you a 24/7 “customer service employee” that answers questions 10x better than most human beings are able to. Our own chatbot knows more about our products and services than I do, and I’m the CEOof AISTA. In fact, we were so happy with our own chatbot, we gave it our employee of the month award.

Creating your ChatGPT chatbot

  1. Sign up at hub
  2. Confirm your email address
  3. Click the “Chatbot wizard” link in the splash screen or find Chatbot Wizard in the “Create” menu item
  4. Scrape your website, and optionally choose a “flavor”

Get started with ChatGPT for WordPress

When you’ve supplied your website address to the chatbot wizard, you can watch it doing its work, or create some coffee. Within some few minutes it should be done, allowing you to choose theme for your embed code.

Choosing a theme for your ChatGPT chatbot

Embed your chatbot on WordPress

Our ChatGPT based chatbots can be embedded on any CMS system you have, WordPress of course being one of these. Thx to Aria we now have a simple to follow 5 minute recipe of how to do this. Below is a list of steps required;

  1. Make sure you have the “Custom CSS & JS” plugin
  2. Click “Add Custom HTML”
  3. Paste in the embed code given as you created your chatbot and click save
  4. Enjoy your new WordPress ChatGPT-based chatbot

Embedding ChatGPT on WordPress site

Feature list

Lately ChatGPT-based chatbot have been popping out of the woodwork like crazy. However, the difference is in the feature list. We have a complete AI platform, wrapping every imaginable feature you can think of – And every single week we typically create a new release, adding more features. Below is an incomplete list of some of its more important features.

  • Embed your ChatGPT based chatbot on your WordPress site
  • Easily theme your chatbot, or choose from half a dozen pre-existing themes
  • Scrape your existing WordPress website for data
  • Upload XML files, CSV files, YAML files or JSON files to reinforce your chatbot
  • Upload training data from your existing database
  • Manually add training data for edge questions
  • Monitor questions and answers
  • Use GPT3.5, GPT4 or any other base model published by OpenAI
  • Create a flavored chatbot, answering everything like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, a Pirate, Shakespeare or Snoop Dog
  • Have the chatbot act as the CEO of your company, a Sales Executive, a Support Manager, or “whatever”
  • Use the chatbot as “Bing Search” and have it show references to pages, working like a private search engine
  • Use voice recognition to speak to your chatbot, and have it answer using speech synthesis
  • Embed images inline into the chat conversation
  • Have it preserve Markdown, implying lists and hyperlinks
  • Use the chatbot as “Bing Search” having it provide references for relevant pages

Too complex?

Relax, we’ve got you! Use the contact form here, and we’ll do everything for you, or help you out if you get stuck. We have a team of Machine Learning Experts ready to help you with anything you might need. Drop us an email, and we’ll take care of everything for you.

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