Next.js Weekly Recap #2: App Router, Background Functions, YakGPT, Vercel KV

April 10, 2023

Next.js App Router

🎥 Next.js App Router: Routing, Data Fetching, Caching

As the new app directory in Next.js nears full stability, it’s essential to stay up-to-date with the latest concepts and foundations. Join Lee Robinson as he provides a comprehensive overview of how to leverage the power of the Next.js app router in your web development projects.

🐦 5 benefits of using the App Router

Vercel’s CEO demonstrates why switching to the new App Router is a Win-Win for you and your customers

Long-running background functions on Vercel

Learn how to run long-running background tasks on Vercel without hitting the 10-60s HTTP timeouts. Spoiler: This is done by breaking up the job into small individual steps and invoking each part in the correct order through Inngest.

📙 Tutorials, Articles & Opinion

An Introduction to Solana Pay and how to Integrate it into Your Next.js App

Some content for Web3 fans. This guide covers the basics of using Solana Pay, including what it is, when to use it, and how to integrate it into a Next.js app to enable users to buy tokens by scanning a QR code.

Why your Not Found UI is not rendering on NextJS 13

Quick tip on how to correctly use the notFound function that comes with the new App Router

How to Deploy a Next.js Application using Docker on AWS

This guide covers the process of containerizing a Next.js application, pushing the Docker image to ECR, and deploying it on AWS.

🐦 Type Safe Routes in Next.js

Just a reminder that you can enable this experimental feature in Next.js to statically type links in the app directory and prevent typos or other errors when using next/link.

🐦 Automatic restarts when changing next.config.js

Currently only on the canary branch but will soon become stable

Instrumentation Hook in Next.js

This one is also experimental 🧪. The instrumentation hook allows you to run code on each cold boot of your serverless function. Use it to initialize observability tools in your Next.js apps

📦 Packages / Tools / Repos



Imagine MS Clippy for Next.js inside the terminal. npm-copilot is basically that – a CLI tool that listens to your Next.js logs and suggests a fix in the terminal right after detection.


Can’t have a newsletter issue without at least one AI tool. But you’ve to try this! YakGPT is a fully open source, locally running ChatGPT UI build on top of Next.js + it has mic integration – so no more typing!


You can use this little helper function to define route handlers in your Next.js 13’s app directory


This is like tRPC but for REST APIs. Get an end-to-end typesafe developer experience in your Next.js apps

Update user session in NextAuth

NextAuth got a small feature drop, now you can update the session programmatically!

🌈 Related

Improved Node.js compatibility for Edge Middleware and Edge Functions

Improved Node.js compatibility for Edge Middleware and Edge Functions

Buffers, AsyncLocalStorage, EventEmitter and some other Node.js primitives can now be used in the Edge runtime. This is big news because a lot of existing libraries didn’t run on the Edge runtime without using less performat polyfill versions of these features.

🐦 Vercel KV – Global low latency store with per request pricing

Seems like Vercel is working on a fully integrated KV database solution based on Upstash Redis.

Learning React from two Angles in 2023

Robin compares the library and framework approach to learning React in 2023, with a focus on the new React documentation’s recommendation to use Next.js as a fully integrated framework.

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