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April 29, 2023

Setting up Git
git config --global "Your Name" : Set your Git username
git config --global "[email protected]" : Set your Git email address
git config --list : List all Git configuration settings

Creating a new repository
git init : Create a new local repository
git clone [url]: Clone an existing repository from a remote source

Adding and committing changes
git add [file] : Add changes to the staging area
git add . : Add all changes to the staging area
git commit -m "Commit message" : Commit changes to the local repository with a message

Working with branches
git branch: List all branches
git branch [branch-name]: Create a new branch
git checkout [branch-name]: Switch to a specific branch
git merge [branch-name] : Merge changes from a specific branch into the current branch
git push origin [branch-name] : Push changes to a remote repository

Working with remote repositories
git remote add origin [url] : Add a remote repository
git pull : Fetch and merge changes from a remote repository
git push : Push changes to a remote repository
git remote -v : List all remote repositories

Other helpful commands
git status: Show the status of your repository
git log : Show the commit history of your repository
git diff [file]: Show the changes made to a specific file.

These are some of the most commonly used Git commands. I hope this cheat sheet helps you in your Git journey!

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