i built a react library for adding leaderboards to your app in minutes

May 8, 2023

yo, what’s up 👋

i’m dylan – a high school senior and a software builder.

in the last two days i’ve built the first version of flywheel – a react library with one component (for now) – a dynamic leaderboard that’s hooked up to your app’s data and ranks items the way you want them to be ranked.

i made a quick demo of me going from create-react-app to a fully working leaderboard in 4 minutes lol:

how i got here is a pretty long story lol. here’s a quick TL;DR if you’re interested

i built + launched the original version of flywheel at a hackathon in san francisco on february 1st.

it used to be a platform where founders could join a leaderboard w/ their founder friends based on their number of users – but then game devs and community builders started asking me to build leaderboards for them lol.

the more i thought about it and the more people i talked to the more i realized that adding leaderboards to your app can be a real pain – especially if you need it fast for a small project or a hackathon. i esp felt this pain since i was building the leaderboard manually for the original product.

so i built a web app where you could fill out a couple of inputs and get a link to a leaderboard you could share with your users/players/friends for them to join.

but users wanted more control.

they wanted to not only embed the leaderboards in their frontends but to have more granular access to the columns + props that the leaderboard used.

so i shipped this!

the library is fully open-source btw.

also s/o to tremor and tailwind – i’m using them for the skeleton + styling of the leaderboard cards (for now).

lmk what you think!

i’m working w/ a couple co’s to test the components w/ their data and am gonna be iterating quickly. this is just v0.0.9!

p.s. i also wrote up some docs in case you’re looking for a more technical dive into flywheel 🙂

written with ❤️ and 🍵 by dylan (a fellow dev)

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