Programming Again After 2 Years… | Mental Health & Burn Out

May 15, 2023

Hello! I’m glad to be back on the platform after two years again. The truth is that I took a 2 year break from programming. After learning to code in 2020, I had a great year learning Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Rust and much more. I built a lot of fun projects and wrote a lot of fun articles on! However, I think I got burned out from coding every day for hours on end, constantly learning new things and making new projects. This burn out led me to not write a single piece of code for 2 years.

You might be wondering, why am I writing this post? Well, the truth is that I am now interested in programming again, and interested in writing more blogs! I want to keep myself accountable on this journey of relearning all of my skills by writing blogs on my journey and how to come back after a burn out. Stay tuned!

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