#TestCulture 🦅 Episode 34 – Systemic view

May 22, 2023

SAFe applies this principle to understand software development as a whole because:
1️⃣ the solution is a system in its own right
2️⃣ the company that builds this system is a system in its own right
3️⃣ this company must optimise the entire value stream
4️⃣ if the global system is not managed, it will not manage itself and will end up constituting autonomous but individual, independent parts that will compete with each other.
Each part must therefore be pushed to cooperate.

What is the application of systemic view to test maturity?

Without a global approach, testing is limited to a reactive position and anticipation only leads to a tunnel effect. Agile, with its iterative and short approach, reduces this effect but leaves testers in a situation where they have very little time. 🏃🏼
Leading them to test after the sprint when the Product Owner should have a potentially deliverable Product Increment.

🗞️ Learn more about Systemic View: here

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