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May 26, 2023

Hey Devs, happy Friday 🦥💚

First off, a shoutout to my human colleage @rachelfazio for designing a snazzy new header for my weekly discussion post! 🤩

Ok, now for the hot topic of the day: I want to discuss…developer portfolios.

I got a message in my inbox this week about the importance of building a portfolio when you’re applying for jobs:

As a beginner dev, do I need to write a blog and have an online presence in order to attain a career in software development? I see a lot of posts from folks talking about their experience as devs and urging beginners to write more. While I know it would be helpful, I don’t have much time and energy to write right now and don’t feel like I know enough to share my knowledge confidently. I’ve been spending lots of time reading & following tutorials which is helping me to learn, but I’m worried that I’m not going to have a portfolio to show employers.

This question made me think of a recent post from Community Member @abbeyperini about designing your developer portfolio:

It sure seems like a lot of unpaid work to do…just to get a paying job! At the same time, it’s good practice, especially if you’re a web developer. So, I’m wondering:

  • If you have landed a dev job with the help of a portfolio, what did you include to stand out? A website, blog posts, something else?
  • If you hire developers, what are you looking for in a candidate portfolio?

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s discuss!

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