Automation Manager for Perfex CRM



Automation Manager for Perfex CRM

Note: This is not a standalone script, but it’s a module for Perfex CRM and requires an installation of Perfex CRM Software. Please also note, that Automation Manager Module runs on PHP Version 8+. It will not work if you have older PHP version on your server. Please consider this before buying.

What’s NEW in v.1.1.2?

  • New Rules for task automations (ex. “Task created”)!
  • New Actions for task automations (ex. “Add custom field value)!
  • New options -> Toggle Automations status (active/not active)!
  • Backward compatibility with PHP 7.4 added!

What does it do?

Automation Manager Module for Perfex CRM will make your Perfex CRM Software as cool as top shelf similar software on the market with dozens of automated actions. With this plugin you are able to create automation rules for tasks (involving assignees and followers, time sheets, statuses and priorities, tags, comments, and even custom fields.

Sample Automation rules. available:

  • IF ‘task priority’ is ‘urgent’ THAN ‘add 5 hours to task time sheet with comment “additional fee for urgent work”’ ,
  • IF ‘due date is today’ THAN ‘add comment: “Why is this task late?”’,
  • IF task isn’t updated within 3 days THAN write comment: “What is going on with this task??”,
  • IF task status changes to “Awaiting feedback” THAN Add notification in four days with additional note”

Available triggers:

  • Task status changes to:
  • Task priority changes to:
  • Start date is today
  • Due date is today
  • Task inactive for {x} days
  • Task created – NEW!
  • Start date changed – NEW!
  • Due date changed – NEW!

Available Actions:

  • Set task status to {x}
  • Set task priority to {x}
  • Add comment
  • Add timesheet (with note)
  • Set reminder
  • Add or change assignees (choose multiple people – NEW!)
  • Add od change followers (choose multiple people – NEW!)
  • Add value to custom field – NEW!
  • Add / Replace Tags – NEW!
  • Change due date – NEW!

You can also create rules for more than one trigger with [or] / [and] parameters (for example: due date is today [and] priority is urgent) and you can do the same with actions (for example: change status to {x} [and] change assignees to {y} and change priority to {z})

All you need to do is install the module through standard module feature in Perfex CRM, and you will see a new Tab in UTILITIES section of Perfex CRM Admin Panel.

You can create new automations, edti existed ones and delete them. If you have any doubts regardins this module, please follow our documentation for this module, CLICK HERE.

Features listed above will arrive around October 2022. If you purchased this module and you would like it to have some other, custom features – please, give as a hint and we will do our best to add this feature in next update.


ver. 1.1.2 (April 2023)

  • FIX Adding twice the same user to rule/automation generates error.
  • FIX Send notification to users when comment is posted by Automation Manager.

ver. 1.1.1 (August 2022)

  • FIX Rule: “Task inactive for {x} days” not visible on the list of rules.

ver. 1.1.0 (August 2022)

  • Added backward compatibility with PHP 7.4
  • Added ability to toggle activity of Automations (turn them on/off)
  • Added task Id for which Automations were recently triggered
  • Added Automation Rule – Task Created
  • Added Automation Rule – Due Date Changed
  • Added Automation Rule – Start Date Changed
  • Added Automation Action – Set Custom Field
  • Added Automation Action – Add / Replace Tags
  • Added Automation Action – Change Due Date
  • Fixed issues with previous Automation Rules and Actions

ver. 1.0.0 (July 2022)
– Initial release,

Live Preview Demo Credentials

login: [email protected]
password: test!@#$


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